The hostel facility is also available with suitable accommodation for boys and girls separately. The rooms are well furnished to make the stay of inmates for learning community living and facilitating out of class discussions on assignments. The inmates of the hostel get invigorating environment for constant interaction among themselves leading to their personality development all basic facilities are available in hostel.

Medical Facilities

All the student are provided medical facilities free of charge. They have to pay for investigational charges and the cost of the medicines.

Hospital for Practical/Practice

AThe institute having the State Govt. permission for clinical practical in Govt. Hospitals of the Gwalior as well as rural and urban area.

Extra Curricular Activities

Various sports facilities in institute campus are developed and keeping in view to providing the extra curricular activities a boost to personality development. The facilities for various indoor games like Carom, Chess, Badminton etc., and out door games like Hockey, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Athletics etc., are provided in campus/playground.